About Us

Based in Northern California, Bay Docs has the industry’s most experienced document preparation team, servicing reverse mortgage originators since 1994. Bay Docs is the document provider of choice for many of the top 20 reverse mortgage lending institutions, including 2 of the top 3, and remains the only document preparation company dedicated solely to the reverse mortgage industry. We are your one-stop resource for pre-application, three-day and closing packages for lenders and brokers who offer the FHA Home Equity Conversion Mortgage (HECM) loan program, and also provide document services for lenders with their own proprietary reverse mortgage products.

We have a highly qualified staff with extensive in-house legal, compliance and technology expertise, which allows us to offer services beyond traditional document preparation. Specifically, over the last two years, we have expanded our scope to leverage our internal expertise, and now offer the following services:

Technology Consulting and Custom Software Development

Our highly experienced and skilled technology team is here to work with you to integrate our systems with yours, and we can accommodate nearly any loan origination system. But Bay Docs is more than a document preparation company. We also offer sophisticated, highly customized software applications to support your internal origination processes.

One such application is Bay Docs’ state-of-the-art custom call center calculator software that allows loan officers to run multiple loan scenarios, compare products, and to generate pre-application and/or three-day disclosure packages, including custom cover letters, side-by-side loan comparisons, TALC and TIL calculations, and amortization schedules. The software is designed to be easily branded so you can add links to your company intranet/website, and the connection is seamless. For lenders that also support wholesale originations, the software is easily adaptable to function as a broker portal for third party originator access.

Legal and Compliance Advice

The development of our in-house legal and compliance department has greatly enhanced our ability to bring our clients a reliable and up-to-date reverse mortgage product. We constantly track legal and regulatory changes at the federal, state and agency level, and incorporate any necessary document changes promptly.

We provide clients with periodic newsletters detailing key legal and regulatory changes, and are even able to offer legal and compliance advice beyond the scope of mortgage documents upon request.

Document Preparation Services

Since 1994, Bay Docs’ core focus has been reverse mortgage document preparation. Bay Docs supports an extensive library of documents from which you can create your own document packages, or you may choose to add any number of custom documents and disclosures. We provide large banks, as well as small lenders and brokers, the flexibility to customize their documents and document packages, and to process them quickly and efficiently. We can customize any package to meet your company and/or investor needs - including your company’s logo, bar codes, custom closing instructions, etc. We perform this service quickly and efficiently, and at zero incremental cost to you.

Additional information about our document services: The reverse mortgage industry has seen major changes over the past year or two for loan programs that historically remained very stable. In the wake of the broader mortgage market meltdown, federal and state legislatures and regulators are making significant changes that impact originators. We are able to rapidly incorporate those changes and our system, enabling our clients to stay ahead of their competitors who use alternative document services.

Our goal is to provide you with the industry’s most efficient document solution, coupled with the highest levels of customer service. We consider our relationship with you to be a partnership. We work with you as a team, ensuring that your users receive the highest levels of quality service and responsiveness offered in the reverse mortgage industry.

Management Team

Megen Lawler, CEO/President and Founder
Megen Lawler has been in the reverse mortgage industry since 1991.  Ms. Lawler came to start Bay Docs having previously worked in the reverse mortgage industry as a Market Analyst for Providential Home Income Plan, Inc.  At PHIP, Ms. Lawler was an integral part of the development of the Home Equity Reverse Mortgage product origination, servicing and quality control procedures.  In her time at PHIP, Ms. Lawler also assisted in the creation of the document preparation system that she eventually took with her when starting Bay Docs in 1994.  Ms. Lawler brings over 15 years of knowledge and experience to Bay Docs customers.

Kathleen M. Leonard, COO/Senior Marketing Director
Kathleen Leonard joined Bay Docs after working for several years in the reverse mortgage industry, at Providential Home Income Plan, left there to join Delmonte Foods and subsequently Gensler Inc. an international architectural firm within their marketing department.  Ms. Leonard has been with Bay Docs for over 10 years and provides knowledge and hands on experience in all aspects of the reverse mortgage industry.   She oversees the day-to-day operations of the initial set up of clients, application packages, closing documents, contracts as well as being responsible for all marketing strategies. 

Patrick Silver, Vice President of Compliance
Patrick Silver brings to Bay Docs, LLC over ten years of mortgage industry experience. Starting in 1998 he worked on the lender side of the business and gained experience in origination, processing, underwriting, closing and MBS Pools. In 2002 he began at First American Nationwide Documents and later moved to Mortgage Cadence Inc. where he worked with reverse mortgage document services as the compliance officer. At Bay Docs, LLC Mr. Silver will manage daily compliance issues and provide operational guidance to improve process flow.

Hanno Ginn, Chief Technology Officer
Hanno Ginn has been writing financial and mortgage software since 1998. For the past five years Mr. Ginn has specialized solely in reverse mortgage software applications. He leaves Bank of America (formerly Seattle Mortgage Company) where he developed and implemented ReverseWare, Bank of America’s proprietary origination, processing and servicing system for reverse mortgages. Mr. Ginn will be responsible for future mortgage software development and processes at Bay Docs, LLC.