Loan Origination System - Reverse Express™

Reverse Express™ was designed to provide Lenders/Brokers with an easy systematic process that is an affordable and lightning fast solution to obtain the required documentation. Unlike other software systems, Reverse Express™ can be customized to each client’s specific needs. Reverse Express™ is accessible through Windows, Mac, Linux and Smartphones. The system is fully secure and allows the user to create their own level of security based on the roles as defined by their internal operations.

Our system offers several features:

Instant Quote (IQ). This step, can also be known as “call center,” allows users to create and print a pre-application package for a potential applicant*. The list below is some of the documents included in the package — there is no size limit to this level.

Application (three-day disclosure). In this level, a user can compile all the necessary data to produce an accurate and compliant application document package. *Depending on what roles are provided to the client, the client can enhance and add more features in this level.

Closing. In this level, a user can compile all the necessary data to produce an accurate and compliant closing document package. *As in the application level, depending on which roles were selected, the client can enhance and add more features at this level.

Redisclosure Packages. Our redisclosure package can be created to the client’s specifications and processed at any of three levels listed above.

*All three levels are linked and auto populated for each step.

Integration Opportunities

Bay Docs, LLC understands the importance of providing the proper technology after working with the top lending institutions. Understanding the increasing need for technology and web based products, Bay Docs has enhanced their software capabilities to meet the demands of their growing customer base. To make things easier for our customers Bay Docs is tailoring its ordering system to enable ANY loan origination system (LOS), whether they support forward or reverse mortgage platforms, to feed directly to their order page thus facilitating lenders need for reverse mortgage documentation without any duplicate entry.

Here is a list of a few companies and their loan origination systems that Bay Docs has integrated with:

As well, Bay Docs, can integrate with your current LOS system whether you support a forward or reverse mortgage platform or you can access Bay Docs own order page.

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Excellent Support

Our staff is available 6a-5p PST Monday through Friday with emergency suppport 24/7. Our goal is to provide you with a solution that produces your documents accurately and instantly. However, if any problems should arise, we are generally able to resolve the issue within minutes.

Bay Docs, is more than a document preparation company. Having Bay Docs on your team will greatly enhance your performance in the industry. Working with Bay Docs you can become a leader in a fast growing industry! Find out today how we can help you.  Call now 1.888.297.3627.